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 King Salmon in the rivers use different holding water than steelhead.   These monsters that can grow to over 50 lbs and prefer the deep slow pools.  Of course you can catch salmon off the reds and in faster water because they must use those areas of the river during  travel and spawning. Salmon tend to school up in the freshwater, so where there is one, there are usually more.

Salmon Species Holding water
Coho (silver) Current seams and head of holes
Chum (dog salmon) Current seams and  tail outs
Pink (humpies)  odd years Current seams
King (chinook) Deep slow pools, back eddies and deep water seams.


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Salmon Fishing on River and Stream
by Alexander Baird Keachie

River Salmon Fishing
by  Bill Stinson

Salmon Fishers of the Columbia
by Courtland L. Smith

Return to the River : The Classic Story of the Chinook Run and the Men Who Fish It
by Roderick L. Haig-Brown, Steve Raymond, Charles Defeo (Illustrator)