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rodholder.jpg (69569 bytes) The "Float'n Tote" rod holder made by Hook set Innovations is the perfect match for your small inflatable boat. Perfect for hands free trolling of your flies or pulling your favorite plugs in the river. Easy to use simply click around your inflatable tube and adjust the Velcro strap for the desired rod angle. Will also work as a waist belt rod holder. The heavy construction and light weight make it ideal for the boater who  packs their gear.


orangeyellowjig.jpg (78094 bytes) Beautiful palmered jig made by Silent approach. These are tied on a Mustad hooks with powder coated head. They will make custom colors to match your fishing needs.

mangler.jpg (65804 bytes) This spinner is called The Mangler and is quite unique in that the double blade starts spinning as soon as it hits the water.  I used the 1/4 oz size in several different colors and found them to be a nice lure to fish with. The wire shaft is extra heavy and should eliminate bent shaft problems. Give them a try and tell them Marty sent you. I would like to see a heavier  spinners (3/8 oz & 1/2oz) to help us cast on the bigger rivers. To customize the blade paint or tape each side a different color. Good product ask you local tackle shop to get some!!

bottle cover.gif (15926 bytes) This is a handy bottle holder for your most used fly dressings or secret juice. Just hang it on a D ring on your vest and your in business. No more fumbling in your pockets to find your dressings. Squeeze Sheath by Holdzit

dual tool saver.gif (26445 bytes) Saltwater fishermen are going to love this one. How many files and pliers have you ruined with salt corrosion. Personally I end up buying a new file or pliers every year because of rust. The Dual Tool Saver by Holdzit  keeps a file and a pair of pliers from sealed in a oil protected pouch. Very clever idea.

spinning reel cover.gif (31789 bytes) Winter run steelhead spin fishermen you can start peeling that masking tape off your rods. Your cold reel seats are gone for good.  The comfort grip will truly make a difference on a cold day.  Once on your rod it doesn't come off easily. You will need one for each of your spinning rods.  Holdzit Product

reel side cover.gif (40100 bytes) Do you own a expensive bait casting reel? This is the protection you need for the side plate. This comfort cap virtually eliminates the cold feel of a reel in the winter, and boat rash. This product can be use with the Comfort grip for bait casting reels.  It fit snuggly on my Shimano Stogie (Calcutta 250) and Corsair 300. To use comfort cap on the Ambassaduer reels you will need to modify it by cutting a circle for the cast control. This reminds me of the Pflueger Comfo rings, only for modern reels.  This only fits the round reel profiles, I will be watching for other models and colors for my other reels. To fully customize your reel for protection buy two comfort caps and cut one to fit the handle side of your reel. The thickness of the material is very thin and has a nice feel to it. The most common problem I see  while collecting fishing reels is boat rash,  I can now take my antiques fishing again.

baitcasting cover.gif (36908 bytes) This is the Comfort-Grip for bait casting reels. This in conjunction with the  Comfort cap will eliminate cold reel seats. This reel seat cover has a hole for the graphite trigger to be exposed. The rubbery texture is very comfortable to the hand. This will make a nice modification to any bait casting rod and reel combination.

custom paints.jpg (32453 bytes) Custom paints and glitter "match the hatch". These allow you to fish what others only wish they could have "your secret lure"

Glo scent gel.jpg (7994 bytes) Commercial scent attractor. Steelhead and salmon fishermen try putting it on your slinkies.

Hook remover.jpg (10745 bytes) Fish hook extractor. The best way to get that bait hook out of a trout's stomach

Line stripper.jpg (11112 bytes) Line Stripper.  This sure is nice to have when changing line on a big reel collection 

Pips container.jpg (10925 bytes) One of the best gadgets ever invented for the steelheader. Pip's leader dispenser

roebag maker.jpg (24222 bytes) Roe bag kit.  Complete accessories to make your job easier (netting, magic thread, styrofoam balls, yarn, roe bag holder)

Hooksharpener electric.jpg (7598 bytes) Electric hook sharpener.  Can you say sharpen thousands of hooks!!!!

sideplaner.gif (16557 bytes) Side planer. The bank anglers answer to the plug pulling guides

Yarn container.jpg (14489 bytes) Yarn container.  Make your own by melting a hole in the top of a film container.

Shrimp Oil.jpg (7370 bytes) Oil attractant. Great way to enhance your tackles productivity.