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Sea run cutthroats are a hard fighting prized trout in the northwest. They can be caught on spoons, spinners, bait or a fly. Cutties are active feeders year round and can be found in the rivers and shallow bays, saltwater flats and river estuaries. 

Light tackle is the choice for these trout. Line in the 4-8 lb range on a ultra light rod. Custom cutthroat rods can be made using fly rod blanks with standard spinning reel seats and cork.

Often over looked style of fishing for these trout is trolling in the saltwater. Trolling in the bays and estuaries can produce large hard fighting cutties.  These trout are fed on small candlefish and herring.

Use a small Colorado spinner gang troll with a chrome flatfish with little or no weight near shore. A small candle fish can be rigged behind the gang troll instead of the flatfish.

They can also be caught by casting small spoons and spinners in the saltwater.