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When using bait on a jig try using a rubber band (dental braces rubber) to hold the bait on. When using bait below a float it can be rigged up like drift fishing or put in a small colored nylon bag. This works well when shrimp tails are the preferred bait. Bait bags can be made up of mixed ingredients for specific species... steelhead, salmon.

Shrimp bags

  1. cut shrimp into small pieces
  2. place in center of nylon square
  3. pull up corners
  4. twist tight 
  5. wrap with thread
  6. trim off excess nylon

Roe bags

  1. Cut roe into bait size pieces
  2. place in center of square mesh nylon bag
  3. pull up corners, 
  4. twist tight 
  5.  wrap with magic thread 3 times and tie (or pull until thread buries and snaps)
  6. trim off excess nylon

Tuna balls

Use can of tuna packed in oil like you would roe. Place in bag and wrap. Claimed to work good for salmon 

Bait bags can be made to float by adding small styrofoam balls.

They can also be added to a diver to add a scent trail to your bait.