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This is a batch of eggs I made using a custom sodium sulphite cure. These basic curing steps will work across the spectrum of readily available commercial cures too.


Got your eggs, cure, cutting board, knife, latex gloves and bucket. If your allergic to sulfites don't use this cure. If your unsure about sulphite allergies be  extremely cautious and use the cure in a well  ventilated area.

Push the blood out of the skeins with the back of the knife.

Fillet the skein length wise  so the skein lays open.

1/2 the skein and on the small end  you can save the tip for a bait

Finished tip with  extra bait tip

Quartered skein

Alternative baits  cut at every 3rd  fold before filleting


Sprinkle the bait like its in need of a heavy salting. Be sure to work the cure into the folds. (Put the gloves on or your hands will stain)

Eggs beginning to juice almost immediately

fully juiced eggs sitting in liquid. At this point you can pour off some excess to produce a firmer bait. Add oils  for absorption phase or let the natural juices reabsorb. Which is  what I did on this batch.

Freshly removed from refrigerator 12 hrs after cure sprinkling


At this point I flipped the eggs over in a fresh container to soak up the remaining juice for another 24 hrs. They are now cured and can be frozen or prepped for use later.

Prepping for use ,remove bait from container and cut to size. Roll in  borax and let dry to touch or bag immediately  depending on how tough you  want the bait. 

I prefer my clusters to be firm so some air drying works best for me. Some folks will skip the borax step, but I  prefer the drier  eggs on my hands while fishing.

This is what we  want!!