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Custom soft plastics

Custom soft plastics are not that difficult to make with the proper equipment.


This next couple steps must be done rapidly since plastic sets up if over cooked.

  1. Heat up plastic solution stir until clear and add die to color to your custom shade. 
  2. Add glitter, glow in dark material, freeze dried bait when plastic is still liquid.
  3. Pour in oil sprayed mold ( use sand shrimp oil, sardine oil, etc.....) Worm mold trays are available from the same catalogs where you find the liquid plastic.
  4. Remove from mold when set up
  5. If you want a hole in middle, use a small air hose (aquarium stores carry it) can be threaded through center with a big needle. You may need to oil outside of hose to thread 
  6. Trim hose to fit
  7. Store in Ziploc plastic bag so the plastic won't eat all your other fishing items (tackle box, plugs, etc..).