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This Page is dedicated to the People and Sponsors that make this site possible.  The site does want you involved even if you don't want to be a "sponsor" but you can help get the word out we are your fishing web site. I have also added names on the bottom of the  page to acknowledge donations of items to the site.  Our current fund raiser program uses donated items we auction off to members. A great big thank you to all the moderators and members that make this site happen.

 Individuals (Bulletin Board Handles)
Woodsy Wayne
Desert Dog
And our many subscribers to custom titles and river reports!! 


This Portion of the page is to recognize the People and Companies that have donated products, time , trips for review and donation for  of this site. A big thank you from Steelheader.net for your generous contributions . If I have forgotten you please forgive me and drop me a reminder email.
Name Donations
Silent Approach Jigs Jigs- lots of jigs!!
Glo Jig Glojig samples
Warm Plastics Vacuum forming table
Hookem Up Guide Service Guided Summer run Auction, Winter run Auction
Scott's Guide Service Guided Salmon Trip Auction
Double Loon Spinners spinners-lots of spinners!!
Holdzit Products Variety of fishing accessories
Jim Mansfield Guided Trips- lots!!
Guy Ruble Guided Trips-lot!!
Letty & Rich Potter Guided Trips-lots!!, Guided steelhead auction
Bullet lures lures
Mangler spinners spinners
Cruisin Spinner Blades
Bait o Eggs custom Spreader bars
Gary the scuba instructor  Fishing Books 
Roenet cured eggs samples
Float tote Float tube rod holders samples
Vision hooks and swivels samples
First Cast Jigs Owner Hook samples
Roger Tuna
Ripdatlip hotshots, bobbers
Mustad Ultra point samples
SH69 flies and Jigs
Southfork Led lights and boat work
Phish Jigs  Lead minnow jigs that spin, they can be bent for erratic actions
Many many others with auctions Hard to keep up with all the donations, My apologies if I missed you... drop me a note and will see you make it to list.  


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