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Most of these are for winter run steelhead in glacier colored streams

Jigs from my vise
lady di.jpg (26109 bytes) orange hollograph.jpg (26685 bytes) saappaintsplash.jpg (13429 bytes)
Lady Di

cerise head

peach palmered marabou

pink cactus

pink glow tail

Orange Holograph

chartreuse/orange head

Body orange cactus with stripped braid ribbon

peach flashabou tail


Saap Splash

Orange head

yellow marabou hackle

Hot pink saap body

Red marabou tail

contraster.jpg (11993 bytes) flashpinkcactusmilk.jpg (24534 bytes) flashyholagraph.jpg (15465 bytes)

orange head

orange and yellow wing

orange/yellow cactus chenille body

orange/yellow/orange marabou tail

Flashy pink cactus

purple head

white marabou hackle

flashabou wing

hot pink cactus

white marabou tail


clear cerise head

flashabou tail

flashy wing

holographic braid ribbon body


blackmaraboujig.jpg (13078 bytes) cherise sunrise.jpg (27777 bytes) cherisedpinkokie.jpg (20659 bytes)
Black marabou

cerise head

black marabou hackle

silver body

Cerise Sunrise

Cerise head

Red/yellow marabou hackle

Cerise chenille body

red/yellow marabou tail

Flashy Lady Di

cerise head

white marabou collar

flashabou wing

pink cactus chenille

pink glow tail

pearlhead ladydi jig.jpg (33318 bytes) pink sherbet saap.jpg (27543 bytes) orange sherbet saap.jpg (21244 bytes)
Pearl Pink Lady Di

same as above except pearl pink head

Pink Sherbet Saap

Pearl pink head

Saap pink body fur

glow pink tail

Flashabou wing

Orange Sherbet Saap

Orange head

Light orange saap body fur

Light orange glow tail

White glow wing

black marabou streamer.jpg (21009 bytes) holographic peach streamer.jpg (22802 bytes)
Black Marabou Streamer

Black head

Black Marabou wings

silver braid strands tied whole for body

Peach Holographic Streamer

Cerise head

Holographic braids tied whole for body

Peach marabou wing