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Here are some lead rigging setups for drift fishing. A slinky can be exchanged in many of these riggings for a more snag free drift setup.


Non Sliding

hollow core solid.gif (6005 bytes)snap swivel solid punched.gif (7482 bytes)snap swivel solid.gif (6207 bytes)Three way dropper.gif (7215 bytes)

Three way twisted.gif (7385 bytes)Three way solid.gif (7692 bytes)tubing solid.gif (5670 bytes)Three way dropper solid core.gif (7582 bytes)


slider mono loopr.gif (7921 bytes)slider snap swivel  mono loop.gif (8575 bytes)

hollow core slider.gif (7025 bytes)snap swivel slider punched.gif (7305 bytes)snap swivel slider.gif (7098 bytes)