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Make your own rags

Materials Needed to make Rags
  • yarn (several color)
  • window insulation foam (commonly called backer rod)
  • scissors (to cut foam and Yarn)
  • sail cloth needle (to thread yarn and air hose)
  • water air hose (optional)


1. Cut the foam insulation to lengths approximately 1-1 1/2 inches
2. (Optional) thread water hose length wise down pieces.
 Trim hose cleanly at end of each foam piece.
3. Thread yarn through side of foam pieces using needle. Carefully work the 
needle past water tube while threading (mix yarn colors). You should have 
something resembling a yarn necklace with foam pieces hanging on it.
4. Cut the yarn in between the foam pieces, leaving enough yarn to reach the
back of the rag on both sides. 
5. Repeat last step, going perpendicular to first yarn thread with 
another color of yarn. Be careful while threading not to pull out previous 
yarn or tubing out.
6. Trim yarn length to the back edge of foam. 


The water hose will allow you to easily change rag colors to match river 
conditions while fishing. If you don't use the water tube, you will need to 
thread the leader through the rag. Also place a bead or sequin on the leader
between the rag and the hook. This will keep the rag from getting pulled onto 
your hook shank. Rags will zig zag and pulse in the water  making them 
irresistible to fish. Rags have been a long time secret lure of 
local guides. The secret is out!!