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Weather changes extremely fast in the Northwest. Be prepared for rain and a sunburn in the same day. We have several weather sites to choose from, take a look at these to see which one has the information you need to plan your trip.

Western Satellite of Clouds


Current moon Phase

Earth & Moon satellite view Moon Phases
Fishing & Hunting Lunar-So lunar Predictions

Virtual sky view

Weather at a Glance  

 Wind, sky, pressure and temperature  WA and OR

Click on the state below then choose from the stations on the map. Information from NOAA

Washington Weather by station

Conditions by Buoy

Oregon Weather by station 


Northwest Buoy Information 


Idaho Weather by station

Alaska Weather  

California Weather by station


Alaska Weather by station


Montana Weather by station


National Radar Image


Western Satellite of clouds 


Cyber Cruise Weather, California 


Alaska Satellite Images


Weather office (Canada Weather)

Weather Underground North America

Weather News International

B.C. Weather & Wave Conditions

B.C. Weather

Canadian Weather