Fish Recipes  

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Salmon Jerky

Fillet and skin the salmon (chums are excellent for jerky) and cut them into 1/4 to 1/2-inch strips, cut length wise, not cross section like a steak. Make a brine from 1 cup non-iodized salt, 3 cups sugar, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, and 1 gallon of water. This is just a starting point for the salt-sugar brine; you can adjust this for your own taste. Plenty of sugar is the key. Soak the fish in the brine for 8-10 hours, and refrigerate. Drain and rinse with fresh water. At this point, put the strips in a plastic colander and let drain for about an hour, or you can place them on smoker racks and pat dry them with a paper towel, (spray the racks with Pam first). Sprinkle some red pepper flakes on the salmon strips if you like them hot. Black pepper works well also.

After the salmon strips have set on the rack for an hour or two, place them in the smoker and burn 3 pan fulls of alder chips and continue to dry the salmon strips until they are toughened to the way you want them, can be 8 hours or more


Foiled Trout

Lay out a piece aluminum foil and put 1 tlbs. butter, Cajon spice, salt and pepper then place trout with inners out of it, on top of seasoning and wrap aluminum foil around it. Place on bbq grill, in oven or open flame for about 15 min or until done .Need hot fire .When done open up and pull skin off enjoy .Bones will stay together and meat will come off easy

Sautéed Halibut
Take fish fillets and season on both sides with salt, pepper, garlic and chili powder (or whatever you prefer).  Melt butter in skillet and heat until slightly brown.  Place fish fillets in skillet & cook until flaky.  Squeeze lemon over fillets and serve.  (If you like, you can make a simple white sauce, add a dollop of Dijon mustard & some sautéed peppers & onions & pour over fish.)

Thanks to Dave and Christine for this recipe

Baked Halibut
Place mound of julienne carrots or zucchini or squash or whatever on the bottom of a piece of foil (big enough to fold over & seal).  Top with slices of onion & green pepper.  Place seasoned fish fillets (see above recipe for seasoning suggestions) on top of pile.  Top fish with tomato slices, more onion slices & pepper slices & thinly sliced lemon.  Fold over foil & seal edges tight.  Place in 375 degree over for about 20 minutes.  Foil bags will puff up in oven.  Open very carefully - hot steam will pour out.  Serve & enjoy!

Thanks to Dave and Christine for this recipe

Chile Rellenos (Crab Filled)
2 C. picked out crab meat
1 egg
8 oz. cream cheese
1 Tb. Old Bay seasoning (or whatever you prefer)
Soften cream cheese & blend with egg and seasoning.  Fold in crab meat - set aside.
4 eggs
1 tsp. salt
Separate eggs.  In large bowl, whip whites with salt until firm peaks form.  Beat yolks until blended; then quickly fold into whites.  Use at once.
6 medium-sized Anaheim or poblano chiles (or 1 7-oz. can whole green chiles
1/2 C. flour
Roast & peel fresh chilies.  Slit each chili three-quarters down length of one side; pull out ribs & seeds, leaving peppers intact.  Stuff filling into each pepper, roll in flour & set aside until all are stuffed.  Once all peppers are stuffed, prepare batter.  Holding each pepper carefully by the stem, dip into batter & fry in vegetable oil which has been pre-heated to 425 degrees.  (if using canned chilies, drop into batter & lift out with 2 forks).  Fry until golden brown on both sides, turning carefully with a fork & spatula.  Drain on paper towels.
Especially delicious when served with mango salsa.

Thanks to Betti (forwarded by Dave and Christine)


Pan Fried (Halibut/cod)

  1.  debone fillet
  2. rinse and towel dry
  3.  roll in flour
  4.  dip in egg
  5.  roll in potato buds
  6.  place in pan on medium heat with dab of butter
  7. flip fillet over when golden brown on bottom
  8. cook until fillet flakes apart with fork
  9. serve with fresh lemon and tartar


Pan Fried Salmon

  1. Take salmon steak roll in Krusteaz mix
  2. place on medium heat until one side is golden brown
  3. flip steak over and cook until it flakes apart with fork


Brine for smoked Fish

  1. Qt of water
  2. 1/2 cup plain salt
  3. handful Brown sugar
  4. 2 dashes of garlic powder
  5. soak for 8 hours or over night
  6. Spread out to dry for couple hours
  7. Smoke for 10-12 hrs, change racks during middle of smoking


Barbecued Fish

  1. Soak fish over night
  2. 1/4 cup cooking oil
  3. 1 minced garlic section
  4. 1/2 cup water
  5. 1 package meat marinade
  6. Barbecue until fish flakes apart


Pasta and sauce with smoked fish

  1. Make pasta like normal (fresh pasta is the best used for this dish)


  1. melt 1/2 stick butter in sauce pan on med low heat
  2. add tablespoon flour to butter and blend until smooth
  3. add one cup half and half stirring until smooth, cook until it thickens
  4. add garlic powder to taste (garlic can be sautéed  in butter at beginning if fresh garlic is used)
  5. Shredded cheese may be stirred in when sauce is smooth 
  6. stir in crumbled 1/4 cup smoked fish 
  7. Pour over pasta

Nutritional Info on salmon 


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