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Jigging is a very effective method to catch salmon. When other techniques are not working jigging will sometimes trigger the closed mouth fish into biting. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a huge salmon come after a jig in shallow water.


Jigs come in several different types like minnow, free spinning (buzz bait), diamond and pipe jigs. Colors are the key to using jigs and being successful. Different areas all have there favorite colored jigs for catching salmon. Try some different colored ones or ask the local tackle guy what colors are good for your area.

Jigging for Salmon

How to Jig

  1. Drop jig to bottom

  2. Reel up so lure is just off or barely touching bottom

  3. Jig the lure up in one swift motion

  4. Let lure free fall to starting spot on slack line

  5. Repeat step three

  6. If slack line occurs reel up slack and set hook that's a bite or bottom

  7. It is very important to have razor sharp hooks for this technique

  8. This technique will catch bottom fish also


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Phish Jigs are bendable and also spin on the line similar to a buzz bomb. I highly recommend this type of jig for catching salmon. The smallest size can be bent to a spoon shape and fished in the same manner.