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Jigging for trout is a very effective method to fish deep ledges in a lake.


Jigging basics:

  1. jig or spoon heavy enough to sink to the depth you want to fish

  2. hooks must be razor sharp for this technique

  3. Drop lure to bottom and reel up so lure is just off bottom

  4. swivel on line to keep line from twisting

  5. leader light enough so trout won't be spooked by it

  6. jig firmly up

  7. vary jigging style

  8. slack line jig on free fall

  9. Set hook on the slightest tick or pull of line

  10. use a scent oil on lure 

  11. use a line counter reel if fishing suspended fish below a school of bait

  12. If you don't have a line counter reel drop to bottom and count the number of cranks to reach the surface. Divide the cranks by the water depth and fish the appropriate depth to entice the suspended fish

  13. Keep jigging if you get a tick ....the fish missed and should come back