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Mini Sink Tips

Heavy tips are hard to find in short lengths. Sink tips come in 850 grains over a 30 foot length. Which equals 28.33 grains per foot  with the heavy over the counter tip. Lead core 20# weighs in at 9.2 grains per foot.  Using lead core line it would take three strands to equal the over the counter tip.  Many fishing situations require the fastest sinking line possible. Here is the formula to help you make a line to match your rod. With these tips you will not be unfairly matched against terminal gear with heavy weights.

These tips are flexible with lots of mass. Here is what I did to make it. Use this mini head line instead of split shot or as a add on to your line. For a magnum lead charge loop a couple together if your rod can handle it.

Braided mono line 50# spool
lead core line
aquaseal and cotol (for thinning)
small Stiff brush (for applying final line coating)
sail needle
8# mono (for nail knot)
well ventilated area

1) strip lead core from lead core line. 12 pieces of 18" lead core line

2) Twist the lead cores around each other forming a lead line

3) trim end of lead rope for clean entry into braided mono

4) insert sail needle into mono braided line center, While pushing the needle to open the line follow with the lead rope. Continue this until the lead rope is completely inside the mono braid and 6 inches of mono braid extends past the lead rope.

5)Now use the ends of the mono to make loops on each end of the lead rope. Double Nail knot the loops

6)Super glue the ends of the lead rope, so the lead doesn't protrude through the mono braid. Let Dry

7) Coat entire looped lead line with aqua seal mixture to give the line memory and subtle rubbery feel. Do this in a very ventilated area, The fumes from this drying are overpowering and harmful if your not careful.

8) Shrink tubing can be added to help reduce the wear on the lead hinging point.

OK I wanted to see how many strands of lead I  could squeeze into the monocord. ......17 strands 2 ft long @ 9.2 grains per ft......equals one mini head weighing in at 312 grains (11wt).......LOAD and Launch.....hehe.....This one will fish the fastest slots in the big streams or the get you down in the saltwater rips.