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One of the most versatile ways to fish is by using a multi tip line to match the situations you will encounter while a field. Here is what I did  to create a line for my winter run and spring run  steelhead fishing.

I bought a wf-12/13-f Master series Spey/salmon line. This is the main line for the line system. I then cut the front 20' taper off and attached mono loops on both sides creating a floating tip. This setup was very tiring to use so I down graded to a lighter weight system of the rio lines

I also bought a SA Wet Cel type V deepwater express. I cut the line into 3 lengths of lines from the 30' shooting head. A 15', 9' and a 6' piece of sinking lines  got mono loops installed on both ends to create the rest of the tip head system . I dipped the large end of the sink tips with a florescent orange paint so I won't confuse the ends while looping the sections together.

This gave me a 4 tip system that can be added to easily with different sinking rate lines and lengths. You may even want to cut the shooting head into smaller lengths and string them together when a longer tip is needed. 2, 4, 6, 8,10 ft pieces

There are several line companies making sinking tip systems if you don't want to make your own.