Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon bite just about anything that is on the bottom. Common baits include roe, sand shrimp, eels, shad or lampreys. These need to be presented dead. Cut the gill plates and tail of your bait to reduce the spinning in the current

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Hook size should be large, use a good quality 7/0 or 8/0.

A 3- 6ft leader should be heavier than the mainline, with 80 to 130-pound test mono. 

Main line should be  abrasion resistant 80-pound test. Bring around 300 yards of mainline.

The leader and mainline are coupled with a  extra large swivel. 

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Sinkers ranging from 16 to 20-ounces are attached to a sliding weight system. 

A large reel is required, a Penn 320 will hold the needed line and has a good drag system. 

A stout one-piece rod constructed of fiberglass or graphite and ranging in lengths of between 5 and 8-feet. 

A fighting belt is a must have accessory for battling these bruisers. 

To control sturgeon next to the boat use a lasso. A soft nylon rope covered with rubber or plastic garden hose is the method of choice.