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Bobbers come in many shapes, sizes, colors and wiggles. The original bobbers were hand carved from wood and painted colors. The early commercial bobber was called the cherry bob. Bobbers come in various sizes as small as  a pea and as large as a golf ball. They all have there water conditions in which they excel in getting the fish to bite. This is my personal bobber supply....ok not all of them ;-)

Bobber Material action comments
rag  white window insulation, yarn float wobble pulse home made bobber
Corkie cork, styrofoam wobble a standard to all drift fishermen
cone plastic wobble A very effective bobber now out of production
Shrimp Louie plastic float wobble looks like a piece of cocktail shrimp
Cheaters styrofoam wobble very effective bobber that imitates the cone
wobblers plastic float and diving action dives like a hot shot
glo gos plastic spin  my favorite no longer produced in hard plastic
birdie drifter styrofoam spin the replacement to the glo go
pill styrofoam float  looks like its name
spin glo cork, styrofoam spin finicky fish love a moving bait
air o fly foam, feathers float wobble pulse a commercial  version of the rag
Okie plastic, styrofoam wobble  The classic egg imitation