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Pink worms have become the rage in the Northwest for steelhead. Our fishing brothers to the north have been tossing snakes for long time now. Here is a couple techniques to help you fish your worms properly. Pink isn't the only color the fish will gobble up when it comes to the worms.

You may want to start and finish your worm threading a little ways from the end to hide  the hooks and for the front hook placement.

This rig can be tied below a float or placed behind a diver

To adapt the setup for drift fishing just add your favorite floating bobber ahead of the worm to help keep the hooks from fouling bottom. If your in a selective gear area and only one hook is allowed just tie up using the bottom hook and tooth pick your bobber to keep it from pushing your worm down.



This setup will allow you you use a longer worm on jigs. Steelhead are notorious for grabbing the end of your tackle this setup will stick them before they steal your worm.


A marabou jig  will really add some excitement to your jig worm setup.

With a shorter worm you won't need the trailer. Make sure the worm doesn't extent more than a inch past the hook or you risk missing some strikes. Additional tip is to point the worm on a jig head slightly up at the hook bend so it makes the tip dance as it drifts along.