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Parachute cord slinky

  1. pre cut lead 3/4 of way through in 1/4 -1/2 inch  long segments for the entire length of lead 
  2. melt one end of parachute cord and seal with pliers 
  3. slide open end of parachute cord over lead until lead is tight against sealed end of cord
  4. now break all the lead segments apart inside cord
  5. This should give you a two  foot slinky with a open end
  6. cut your cord to length and seal top with pliers
  7. To make a hole in top for swivel. Melt more cord on top before sealing, then hole punch sealed cord.


If you don't want to cut the lead individually lead can be bought in pellets at the local sporting good store. Commercial slinky makers are  needed to make slinkies when using precut lead or you could make your own slinky maker.