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Fish Weight Calculator
How long was your fish (in inches)? Tip of nose to center of tail
What was the girth of your fish (in inches)? Just in front of dorsal fin

Your fish weighed: pounds!

This is merely a  approximation

using a formula devised from steelhead that were, weighed and measured. I carry a compact measuring tape in my vest.

Common errors that occur when weighing fish 

  1. Scale not calibrated correctly. Go to your tackle shop and weigh some known lead weights.

  2. Bouncing fish on scale moving slider bar to far for accurate reading.

  3. Guessing the weight (Great fishermen can be several pounds off actual weight)

Before you release your fish you can measure it by using a dollar bill (six inches long) or measure it beside your fishing rod.

Fish can also be live weighed if they are in a net. (knotless type)

Do not put a scale into fishes gill plate.


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